Historical Postcard from Afghanistan

Finally I could find a few of spare postcards from Afghanistan. You can get the following historical and rare post card from Afghanistan for your collection if you want. You can read the history of the postcard here: Rare Afghanistan Postcard and the story behind it
The Afghan Postcard is available for swap at 1:5 only or less if you can offer postcards of my themes.
Do you want one of these?


Written by Admin

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Mescrap said...

may i know what in your theme collections ?

Lay Hoon

Anonymous said...

greetings from Hanno. Thanks for your message on my blog.

Dominik said...

Hello. I can send you 5 cards from my town Lodz (Łódź.
contact me domixon1@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hello! I would really like to get this card!! may I ask what type of postcards you are looking for?? you can message me