Just Starting a new Blog

My dear friends! Hello! Its Cheema from Pakistan. I have been collecting for a long time now. I am collecting stamps, first day covers, phonecards, coins and other little collectibles from all over the world especially on the themes like Olympics, Football, Aircrafts, Cars, Puzzles, Hollywood Cinema, Disney Cartoons, and so on and so forth, whichever is nice and beautiful. I am desperate to swap with friends from all over the world. All friends are welcome to contact me so that we can swap and be able to increase our collections together. If you have a swap proposal you can contact me on my email address which is faisalcheema44@gmail.com and you can also ask me the stamps of your preference to put on the envelope. We can swap any of the above mentioned collectibles and may be a combination of many also. I will try my best to reply all the letter as soon as possible with beautiful Pakistan stamps on the cover.
Best Regards
Yours Cheema